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And the winner is… posted on February 22nd, 2021

And the winner of the MusicMaster User Tips Contest is…

by Brian Wheeler

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! We asked you, our faithful and ever-knowledgeable MusicMaster users to send us your Pro Tips for using MusicMaster. We received responses from all over the map. Our panel of judges have convened, and these are our three finalists:

Matt Pelishek, PD at 99.3 Life FM in Bakersfield says:

“My best tip that has saved me a ton of time is this – just call MusicMaster and let them figure it out, and then I take the credit at the station.”

That’s some pretty good advice, Matt! If you’re stuck and not quite sure how to do something, there’s no point in languishing any longer. Give MusicMaster a call and we can help!

Shawn Sullivan of Happy Trucker Productions sent along this gem:

“When I need to time out an hour, I set up a query to drop in at the end of my hour. I drag the query into the schedule editor, enter the time I am looking for, and MusicMaster gives me a list of songs with that exact runtime. Queries are a great way of getting what you’re looking for without a lot of hassle.”

Great suggestion, Shawn! That’s using your noggin for something more than a hat rack for that Happy Trucker Hat you’re sporting. By the way, how does a guy get one of those?

Our grand prize winner comes from The Great White North. Laurent Boulet from CJMF/FM93 in Quebec City, Quebec sent us these words of wisdom:

“My tip would only be 3 words


At the end  (or beginning) of each day   TAKE A BACKUP !

Before doing special operations like unscheduling  TAKE A BACKUP !

Before changing clocks  TAKE A BACKUP !

Before any kind of mass changes  TAKE A BACKUP !

Just for the fun of it  TAKE A BACKUP !

When there’s nothing good on TV  TAKE A BACKUP !

When you have no idea what to eat for dinner !   TAKE A BACKUP !

They literally take 3 seconds and you have no idea the amount of time they will save you when you lose something or do something wrong, or are not especially concentrated like that particular Thursday PM just before Christmas.


Wiser words were never spoken, Laurent. We’ll be reaching out to Laurent to get him set up with a fabulous prize out of the prize closet. Thanks to everyone who participated!