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How to Clone Hours in a Log (Version 7 & Later) posted on June 17th, 2019

By Jesus Rodriguez

This blog on how to clone a log is for MusicMaster Verison 7 and later. If you are not currently using version 7, we invite you to go to help and check for update or contact a MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant for information on how to upgrade. However, have no fear if, for some reason out of your control you are not allowed to upgrade to version 7 by your superiors, you can still clone your logs. I must admit it just takes a few more steps to accomplish. If you are using an older version of MusicMaster, here is a blog article on how to clone.

You can easily clone a log or portion of a log by using the menu to access this option (DATASET-SCHEDULE-CLONE HOURS):


You then will select the start and end hour to copy from, and the start hour to copy to.

One side note, if there are any locked elements in the copy from or to part of this operation, the process will not continue and will indicate:


If you haven’t upgraded to version 7.0 the following may convince you to do so. Why you ask? Well thanks for asking, we have added some additional options as show in the image below.

A screenshot of a cell phone Description automatically generated

Now in Version 7 and above there are almost endless possibilities of combinations of what you can clone or not clone. The first option is obvious and what it was since the feature was created to replace the hours with an exact copy of the hours you are cloning. Here comes the cool part: the ability to only clone specific items. Let’s say you replay a countdown show as an example that airs on Saturday morning and it airs again on Sunday afternoon. Well now you can select to only copy the Music Library Elements over should you have a different on-air personality hosting the second airing. This allows you to schedule the non-music elements on the second log specific to the second jocks needs.

The second and third options for only cloning non music and break note elements. How would that be useful? Well, what if you have a show that is voice tracked that also airs on multiple days but maybe you don’t want the same music airing around those cuts. Now you can clone just the break note, non-music library elements, or both to the rebroadcasted hours then schedule a different set of music around them. This is great for talk shows that you may rebroadcast but may want to use different bumper music than what you scheduled for the first broadcast.

Yes, that’s not all there’s more! With the two final options you can also append extra elements to the end of the hour and remove extra elements from the end of the target hour.

With these variations, you have the tools to copy your log exactly as needed.

Please call your Music Scheduling Consultant if you have any questions.

How to Clone Hours in a Log posted on August 18th, 2014

By Aaron Taylor

If you’re using MusicMaster Version 5.0 or later, you have the ability to clone portions of a scheduled log into another part of the day or other days entirely. This allows you very easily to reuse already scheduled content with very little effort, perhaps a countdown show, or a special feature or hours that might be time consuming to recreate “by hand”.


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5 Ways to Decrease Your TSE (Time Spent Editing) posted on September 3rd, 2012

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Song Segue Panels in the Schedule Editor posted on June 25th, 2012

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Day and Hour Count posted on April 2nd, 2012

By Paul Ziino

There is a new feature in MusicMaster for Windows version 5.0 that allows you to see how many elements have been scheduled in an hour or a full day. Simply open your Schedule Editor and click the Modify Editor Layout icon, then add Schedule: Day Pos and Schedule: Hour Pos to your layout. (more…)

Song Highlight Filters in the Schedule Editor posted on December 5th, 2011

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