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Library Maintenance Time Savers posted on March 22nd, 2021

Library Maintenance Time Savers

By Chris Malone

There are many ways to save time and cut corners when working on your library, but here are my top three ways to short cut library maintenance projects when you right click on any field in your database.

Mass Changer

This tool comes in handy for a variety of tasks such as: add/remove specific attributes or keywords, search and replace certain words or phrases or even assign sequential values to numerical fields. You can apply Mass Changer to other fields in your library maintenance (such as attribute and keyword fields).

I want to convert the Upper-Case titles to Mixed Case.

Warning: We recommend to ALWAYS take a backup before attempting to do any mass changer work in MusicMaster, these changes irreversible unless you have a current backup to restore.

Library Analysis

There is no need to pull out paper and pencil to figure out what’s going in a category or category group. You can run a Library Analysis to give you a view of what your inventory looks like with any given attribute or keyword. In this example, I opened our ‘Rotated Music’ category group and ran a library analysis on the Gender. This gives me a way to review my coding to better gauge if the station’s music selection is aligned with the overall strategy.

Find Matching Values

This tool allows you to find matching values across any given field in your library. In my example, I’m looking to add a ‘Slow Jams’ hour, so I conducted a Find Matching Values on the Tempo attribute field for the attribute code of 1 (which equals slow in this database). Now that I have the matching songs together, I can proceed to create a Save List that I can later use to build a Saved List clock with all ‘Slow Jams’.

You may already have a few ideas on how you can instantly get creative with our library maintenance tools to make life easier.

If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your MusicMaster Music Scheduling Consultant.