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PRO 7.0.13 Released posted on November 8th, 2021

PRO 7.0.13 is now available in Help, Check for Updates. We’ve improved the use of deleting and cloning in Library Maintenance so if you happen to include a field that you can’t edit like Add Date or Song ID, the line will still process and just ignore those fields. We’ve also improved how the Hour/Day Analysis looks in the Schedule Editor so you shouldn’t need to scroll to see all of the hours. Should you wish, you can also now prevent someone from installing a new major version of the software. Tools, Options, Additional Properties has a new VersionLock setting. When engaged, a user will receive a message that the database is locked preventing the upgrade. This can be useful in large organizations where there is a planned rollout of a new major version. These things and more are all listed in the Release Notes on the Help menu.