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Support Notification: File Sharing Issues posted on January 24th, 2022

We have had reports in the past few weeks from users who have their MusicMaster Access database on a network share that have started getting error messages when more than one user attempts to access that station at the same time. These errors will report that the database file is already in use or cannot be locked.

There is nothing wrong with MusicMaster. This error is due to a problem with a Microsoft Office update that was released in December.  Microsoft became aware of the issue almost immediately and has been rolling out fixes for the various Office versions to correct it. They have also provided a status page where you can see when the fix was available for the version of Office that you have:

If you are currently experiencing this problem, we would recommend that you try to download and install the latest available Office updates or you could also try to remove the patch that caused this problem on your system. In most cases, the update that corrects this issue should have already been installed, or will be very soon.