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F9 and Finding an Old Favorite posted on April 18th, 2022

F9 and Finding an Old Favorite

By The W.I.Z.A.R.D.

Cooking has undergone a renaissance where adding spices from different cultures or just in different combinations can make all the difference. Perhaps you’ve done some experimenting in the kitchen where you try a new twist on your favorite dishes.

Would you ever consider doing something like that with your MusicMaster data? Would you like to add a little spice to your playlists? Let’s see if you’re ready.

Does this describe you:

You press F9, look through the same list of songs when you have to fill an unscheduled position or just need to do something different. You regret to admit you’re a little bored picking the same songs all the time.

You have lots of music in your library that you don’t play on a regular basis, the proverbial Hold category or category with the songs that came in after the cutoff of your music test.

If either of these fits you, here’s a simple thing you can do to change things up. Go to Tools, Options, Schedule Editor Options and open Replacement Song Options.

The Search Mode will default to F9. The Default Category List will default to Use category of currently scheduled song or element. Change that to Specific Category List. Now pick those categories that have songs that could play and still meet all your programming goals. Okay and close the screen.

In the Editor, where F9 previously would have given you the songs from the original category, now you’ll get the new list you selected. What this ultimately means is that every time you have to fill a position or you want to make a change, you’ll be picking songs that don’t routinely schedule. These songs still fit your format and programming goals. You’ve just given your audience an “oh wow” moment. That’s a win no matter how you look at it.

Should you want the original category, you can always use the binocular icon to change the category list. This change simply brings these perhaps forgotten songs back to your attention to get a little love.

One more thing: When you open Replacement Song Options, there is a drop down there. You’ll find other replacement options listed where you can also configure the settings.

There is so much music that works in your format that doesn’t get regularly played. This is just one way to make it easier to add that spice into your playlist. Cook up a playlist that has your audience craving more.

Should you have any questions or need assistance setting this up, reach out to your Music Scheduling Consultant.