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MusicMaster 8.0.5 Now Available posted on June 1st, 2022

MusicMaster 8.0.5 is now available in Help, Check for Updates.

With this release the internal web browser has been updated from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. Previously you might have encountered websites that no longer worked with Internet Explorer. With Microsoft Edge, the latest publishing standards are met making pages display better. There are added benefits including improved rendering performance, the ability to save user credentials for the Music Store (better cookie handling) and the ability to redirect the default download folder for Store audio file downloads.

We’ve updated the Chart Editor to better handle songs that re-enter the chart. Previously if a song was removed then added again, fields were cleared. Now as long as the Peak Position is more than zero, the song will be treated as re-entering the chart. This means fields like Debut Date and various Peak fields will not change unless the re-entry is higher than the current values.

Due to the possible installation of Microsoft Edge, the installation file will check to see if your system needs this installed. If it does, an additional messaging screen will appear to indicate this. Please note that if this needs to be installed, the process will take significantly longer than you might be used to. Once this is installed, subsequent installations will be back to a normal length.