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MusicMaster Pro 8.0.10 posted on May 25th, 2023

MusicMaster Pro 8.0.10 is now available to you under Help, Check for Update. Changes are as follows: 

You can now configure a new prompt message to remind you to make a backup when closing a station. This setting is available in the Backup/Restore utility under the new Options button in the lower left corner. This message can appear every time, or only when the last backup reaches a specified number of days old.

The AutoKick rule now tests in both directions by default, but contains a property to make it look
backward only like other history rules.

Adjusted the Unique Value search dialog so it better handles the case where you manually edit the current value before clicking OK.

The unique values search function was adjusted to better handle the case where you were entering plain numeric values into a text field without any padding to make the entries equal length.

Corrected an error that would sometimes appear when deleting a packet.

You can find the full list of changes under Help, Release notes. Contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant with any questions.