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MusicMaster Pro 8.0.11 posted on August 30th, 2023

MusicMaster Pro 8.0.11 is now available to you under Help, Check for Update. Key changes are as follows:

You can now set the default sort order when opening up song lists in Library Maintenance from the Infobar. This is located in Tools, Options under Library Editor Options, Library Layout Defaults.

You can now adjust the way the Schedule Editor matching value search functions (Ctrl-1/Ctrl-2) work when you are searching a multiple keyword field. The choices are Primary Keyword Only, Match Any Keyword or Match All Keywords. This setting is in Tools, Options under the Schedule Editor Replacement Song Options.

When using the Scheduling Recap function in the Schedule Editor, you can now choose to do this by Song ID to see all attempts to schedule a song, or by History ID to just see all attempts that were made to schedule a specific element.

You can now force a confirmation prompt when you try to drag a song in Library Maintenance to a Song List on the InfoBar and that song is already in the selected Song List. g.

If you pause the Audio Player and then switch to a different song before resuming playback, the play button and F12 will start playing the new song, but clicking the pause button again will resume the paused song.

Improved the speed of loading data in the Scheduling Calendar

You can find the full list of changes under Help, Release notes. Please contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant with any questions.