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Export & Import Your Clocks! posted on October 2nd, 2023

by Vicky James

Last time we connected I shared with you a How-To on cleaning up your clocks. Well, this time around I wanted to take that discussion a bit further. I had a client reach out because he was working on creating a new HOT AC format but was totally bummed…. Why? This guy absolutely loved the clocks that he’d created from his Mainstream Station, which included the lognotes and traffic breaks that would be literally the same in the new station with only a few modifications.

There were a couple of ways that he could’ve done this. Had he cloned the old database and wiped it clean, all of the work he’d done in the new database would essentially be lost. So I suggested he use the Export and Import Clocks feature, which was totally unbeknownst to him, and we were able to save his work!

Let’s navigate to the Clock icon in the toolbar, which opens the Format Clock Maintenance panel.

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Here you will select the clocks that you want to export.

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Set the destination to Save the exported clocks to.

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Once they are saved, the number of clocks exported will confirm.

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Now let’s open the database that you would like to Import the Clocks into.

Once open, let’s go back to the Clock icon to again open up Format Clock Maintenance.

This time, click Import.

Now, you will click on the gray icon to navigate to the location of the saved A screenshot of a computer

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In this case, I assigned a New Unused Clock Code since I didn’t have any clocks in this database yet, but you can also overwrite existing clock codes if you want.

Once you select OK, the clocks will be imported into the database as seen in the image below, and you can move forward in making the modifications needed to the clocks.

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If you have any further questions about how to Export or Import Clocks in MusicMaster, contact your Music Scheduling Consultant for more in-depth guidance!