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A New Way to Sort Your Library posted on September 21st, 2023

by Paul Ziino

Starting in MusicMaster Pro 8.0.11, you can change the default sort order of your library when you open categories via the Info Bar. By default, MusicMaster’s library sorts by Song ID, the internal number that keeps track of your songs. Song ID started at 1 with the first song added. The second song added was 2, and so on. Once a song is deleted, its Song ID is never repeated in the library.

With this new feature, you can change that default sort order. If you’d rather your library opens alphabetically by Artist or by Title, you can make that adjustment. Go to Tools/Options and under Library Editor Options you’ll find Library Layout Defaults. Here you can pick a different field (instead of Song ID) for the Library Maintenance Default Sort Field.

If you leave the setting at [None] there will be no change. But if you change it to Artist, now when you double-click a category from the Info Bar list, that category will open sorted as you’ve indicated. Maybe you want the library to sort by Title? Or what about by your automation asset code? Or any other field in your data. Whatever you desire, you can set it.

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