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MusicMaster Pro 8.0.13 posted on March 29th, 2024

MusicMaster Pro 8.0.13 is now available to you under Help, Check for Update. Changes are as follows:

  • When launching the Schedule Editor automatically at the end of Auto Scheduling, the cursor in the Schedule Editor will now be located at the first hour you set for the Auto Scheduler in the case where your session did not begin with the first hour of the day.
  • When copy and pasting elements in the Schedule Editor, the values in the transition and user fields in the element properties will now be included.
  • Made several minor editing improvements to the Packet Editor.
  • When naming export files using date/time macros, new options are available that let you include the current date/time when you are performing the export and UTC conversions. You can also include a unique random string or characters to prevent existing files from being overwritten.
  • Updated the CRTC Self-Assessment Special History Report to add support for Indigenous artist calculations. The design of the report has also been modified to make it shorter and include less columns with only unused values.
  • Added a new Canadian CRTC Yearly Quota Special History Report that reports on Emerging and Indigenous Artist plays for an entire year.
  • Added a new Special History Report for creators of NPR Syndicated Shows.
  • Added UI text translations for the wizard-based setup dialogs.

You can find the full list of changes under Help, Release notes. Contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant with any questions.