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Library Highlights posted on December 26th, 2022

By Jesus Rodriguez

You asked for it and it is now here in Version 8! Over the years, many have asked about the ability to expand the Highlight feature beyond the schedule editor.


Highlights in the schedule editor allow you to see at a glance where certain characteristics are in your log without having to read a field and translate the information. These reasons are all customizable to your preference for almost any field like artist, tempo, mood, genre, etc. In the example above you can see that I have some pink and some blue highlight fields. One represents Mood 1 and the other CHR. I can quickly see I have two Mood 1 back-to-back calling my attention to address it. Many users have enjoyed this ability to quickly see the balance of the music and imaging and now you can use highlights in your library too.

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In the example above there are a few for specific tempo, genre, and length. Once created and added to the layout, you can get a bird’s eye view of those important fields. For instance, if I was told orange is bad and green is good, I could see that my category is heavy with orange (4) and I need more 5 (green) songs to balance it out.

Highlights are really just a query, so can be created for one or more fields with any color of your preference. You may want orange to represent tempo 4 as shown above while another color may represent a combination of tempo 4, Female, 80s hair band, and ballad.

Two of the best parts of this feature are that you can right click on the highlight then select all songs that match that color so you can then make an easy copy, move to a category or even delete that selected batch.

Secondly, once you create your highlight in either the schedule editor or the library, the highlights will exist in both parts of MusicMaster. You do not need to recreate them in each area, they will be available in both places.

The sky is the limit with highlights! We hope you enjoy this new feature and we look forward to seeing how creative you can get when using highlights.

Contact your Music Scheduling Consultant if you have any questions.