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New in MusicMaster 5.0 – Scheduling Aids posted on April 30th, 2012

By Drew Bennett

The arrival of MusicMaster 5.0 means exciting new features and the Scheduler badges and new Log Memo features are just some of the new things you may find when exploring the new software.

In the past, you needed to keep a mental track of what you did to a log. Did you reconcile today’s log? Maybe a cup of coffee would jog your memory?

In 5.0, you will have the opportunity to simply glance at a day in the Scheduler calendar to determine what has been done to that day’s log.

Reconciling is something you should be doing daily to keep your schedule order accurate and to prepare your logs for accurate reporting. Now, you can take a look at a date in the Scheduler calendar to see if that day has been reconciled. When day has been reconciled, a badge will appear in that date with a red, “r,” in it.

The same goes for exporting. A green arrow will appear in the date if a log has been exported to the automation system.

5.0 also brings a great new feature to your logs called Log Memo. Let’s say you have a Music Director who schedules your music. You would like to remind that person to hand place several promos in the log for a specific date. Or, maybe you have some new lognote syntax you would like to use in a log. Log Memo allows you to attach notes or messages to a log. In the Scheduler calendar, right-click on a date to choose the Log Memo Editor. You can enter notes here and even import from text files or export to them. Inside the Schedule Editor, you will find a new icon that let’s you open or close the Log Memo. Note how you can also use the calendar dropdown to enter several Memos at one time.

Additionally, you can head to Tools, Options, Additional Properties and change AutoLogMemo from “0” to “1.” That allows the Log Memo to pop-up automatically when the log is opened, ensuring that the user sees the memo when they open the log for editing.

Be sure to check out what’s new in 5.0 and if you have any questions on these or any new features in 5.0, ask your assigned Music Scheduling Consultant. Happy Scheduling!