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Displaying Keyword History posted on October 1st, 2012

By Paul Ziino

Your F6 History Graph is a tremendous tool that can be used anywhere you are able to click on an actual song including but not limited to Library Maintenance and the Schedule Editor.  When you click on a song and have the History Graph open, you can see plays based on that song alone.

In this example, the song is “Just Like Paradise” by David Lee Roth.  Use the pull-down to the right of the Song in the title bar to also see plays based on the individual Artist Keywords and even highlight plays by the active song using that icon.

The plays enclosed in a box are plays of this song as opposed to plays of other songs with the ROTH, DAVID LEE artist keyword which are not boxed-in.

And now in MusicMaster 5.0 you are able to see a History Graph that combines all the keywords present on the song into one graph.  Use the pull-down arrow at the right end of the title bar to switch from one option to the next.

When we look at the Combined Keywords history, we’ll see plays by artist keywords ROTH, DAVID LEE as well as VAN HALEN, the second keyword on this song.  You’ll notice that we can still highlight plays of this specific song.  In some cases you’ll see a number on the graph which indicates that multiple songs played in that hour which possessed one of the keywords present on the selected song.

As always, make sure to contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant with any questions, we’re here to help!