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Additions to Turnover Analysis posted on September 17th, 2012

By Aaron Taylor

We’ve enhanced the Turnover Analysis screen for version 5. There are two new options you may want to check out, “All Hours” and “Predicted Rotations for Field Values”. Go to Dataset-Analysis-Turnover Analysis, or click on the circling blue arrows on your toolbar.

The first of the two new features is called “All Hours,” and you’ll find it on the bottom half of the split toolbar.

This option will open a box that displays the full week. If you do not want to include an hour in your turnover analysis, simple clear the field. As you see below, we have chosen to omit 11am through 2pm Monday to Friday.

This is a great tool to use if you carry any type of network programming, or just simply would like to exclude certain hours from your calculations.

When you do this, you will still see the graphic display of the plays, but the ignored hours will now be grayed out. The toolbar will also replace the “All Hours” with the number of hours now displayed.

The Turnover Info panel on the left will refresh, using the new number of total hours.


The second new feature, “Predicted Rotations for Field Values” can be accessed on the lower panel of the split analysis screen. Look for the music note with the graph display.

MusicMaster has always displayed your music or programming content turnovers, and with this latest functionality the application allows the user to access that same type of information for coding and keyword fields. For instance, you can see in this example displayed below we’ve chosen the Sound code attribute field to view.

The analysis shows the various values we’ve coded and named for the attribute, the number of each in the chosen category, how often they play daily and weekly, as well as the turnover and density of each code.

You’ll note you also have the option to print this as a pre-formatted report, or copy this data to your clip board, perhaps to utilize for inclusion into other reports.

It’s just one more way MusicMaster provides you with the ongoing, in depth diagnostic information you rely on to make informed decisions about your database.

If you have any questions about these two features, (or any of the many others in MusicMaster 5.0), please get in touch with your Music Scheduling Consultant.