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Are you using AutoComplete? posted on July 23rd, 2010

By Aaron Taylor

AutoComplete is a feature in MusicMaster that will finish fields as you type. This is available for Keyword and Text type fields. There is a two step process to activating this for field(s). First, you must activate this feature in the appropriate fields under the Dataset, Library, Fields screen. To do this, highlight the field and when the details box comes upon the right-hand side, adjust the AutoComplete line to say “Yes.”

Second, you need to activate the feature on the Library Maintenance toolbar. Look for the icon that says "AUTO" in a black/white box. Click that icon to activate/deactivate.When you type in a field with this feature activated, the field will complete with the first match available. The more you type in the field, the more you narrow the choices. If you backspace in the field, you will disable the feature. The feature will be re-enabled if you press [Home], [End] or after typing at least two characters.