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Networking your databases! posted on July 29th, 2010

By Marianne Burkett

Clients often ask if they can have access to a database or multiple databases across their at-work network. It’s quite simple to set up – and here’s your visual. Draw a triangle, with 2 corners being the MusicMaster workstations and the 3rd corner being a folder out there on a server. Create a folder on the server to store your MMwin databases and any definition files you may have for Library Sync, Reconciliation etc. Then simply “point” your MMwin icons in the building to that server folder! Right click on your MMwin icon, go to Properties. If your server is called “S:\” and your folder is called “MMwindata” your Icon target would read C:\MMwin\MusicMaster.exe S:\MMwindata Be certain you have adequate network speed (the connection between each station) for optimum performance and full read-write privileges to that folder. Once you have it set up, your Standard Backups will also live on the server.