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MusicMaster Speaks Your Language posted on March 17th, 2014

By Jesus Rodriguez

MusicMaster is the leading scheduling software in our industry. It is not only the choice of more programmers in the United States but also worldwide. Although we would like to think that everyone in the world speaks English unfortunately many do not and we are aware of it. Whether you are a user outside of the U.S. or in a situation where growth is key for your company to survive, a language barrier will not be an issue. With growth comes the opportunity to venture into other formats such as Spanish to help your listeners and revenue grow in the market. With sudden growth also comes the hiring of experienced programmers of such a format to help you succeed. In my experience many of those great programmers come with a lot of knowledge that they bring from the countries where these formats began. That being said so does the language they are most comfortably speaking and using daily.

As the head of Spanish Sales & Support here at MusicMaster, one question always comes up. This question can make or break a deal for me in the decision to use our product. “Does MusicMaster have a function where I can choose a language other than English?” My answer has always been YES.

This feature tends to put many users at ease, whether they are about to begin using MusicMaster for the first time or are considering a new hire that does not speak English. What is more surprising is their reaction to how easy it is to setup and choose a different language setting. To make the adjustment go to Tools then Options. A box will appear similar to the one below where you will then choose Language/Regional located under Program Options.

speaksyourlanguage_1On the right side you will see the option to choose the language you prefer from the drop down box. Once you have chosen the language you will want to use click Apply. After clicking Apply you can click on the OK button to exit MusicMaster Options. Once you complete this process you will have to exit out of your MusicMaster database and log back in for your changes to take effect.

Menu options will now be in the language you specified. Any user-text will display as it did before. The language change only affects MusicMaster information, not what you typed in yourself.

If you need further assistance or have any questions concerning this topic, please contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant.