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Christmas Dinner in Berlin posted on January 8th, 2014

ON AIR’s yearly Christmas dinner took place at ‘Kochende Welten’, an artsy loft in the very particular suburb of Wedding in Berlin. The motto: DO YOUR OWN COOKING! All the preparing, cutting, seasoning, and grilling was done by us, the dinner guests.

The team of ‘chefs’ was truly international. Our friends from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland and the Netherlands were joined by MusicMaster’s Joe Knapp and Melanie Ross, who flew over from Dallas. Fortunately and worthy of mention, the eating was done by us as well.

Above: Two chefs, Joe Knapp & Rainer Eichhorn

Above: The busy girls, Gabi Seidel (On Air) & Melanie Ross (MusicMaster)

dayafterAbove: the gang from MusicMaster, On Air, and Swiss Media Partners working the day after the party in Berlin. They are all so committed! Front row: Matthieu, Joe, Gabi, Rainer, Max, and Michael; back row: Jean Claude, Andi, and Kevin.