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MusicMaster 5.0 SR-11 is now Available posted on February 24th, 2014

icon_checkMusicMaster 5.0sr11 is now available through Help, Check for Update. Highlights include:

The Unscheduler now has an option to prevent locked elements from being unscheduled. Version 5 introduced the LogMemo feature that allows you to have a memo that appears when you open the log. Now, you’ll also be able to see the contents of the memo by just hovering over it when you view the Schedule Calendar. When the History Browser is set to display Individual Songs, you can now use the Combine Linked History option to merge the history of linked songs. You’ve long been able to set any hour, quarter- or half-hour segment in the Daypart Editor and now you’ll be able to change that split mode for all hours at one time.

These are just some of the new options you’ll have with 5.0sr11. If you have any questions, contact your personal Music Scheduling Consultant for more information.