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Colorado Springs Genius Day posted on February 24th, 2014

Colorado Springs Radio Broadcasters in Colorado Springs, located about an hour right outside of Denver, Colorado, hosted Joe Knapp and Jesus Rodriguez on Monday, February 10th for a MusicMaster Genius Day workshop. Everyone was so excited about the session that they began firing questions before even saying hello. It’s great to see how much passion there is in the field about MusicMaster 5.0. We discussed every aspect of the software. We are noticing a trend at these Genius Days concerning Optimum Goal Scheduling’s new goals in version 5.0 which keeps blowing everyone away. We would like to thank Aaron Zytle and his team for coordinating the day with us. We kept our promise and even though it was exactly a week after the Super Bowl we never brought up the game in the Bronco state. Lets just say we love our clients to be happy with us when they are at arms reach.
crscoloradospringsPictured left to right: MusicMaster Representative Jesus Rodriguez; Gundy from RXP; Aaron Zytle, PD of RXP; Mehoff, MD at KILO; Ross Ford, PD at KILO; MusicMaster President and CEO Joe Knapp