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The Consultant Asks… Why MusicMaster? posted on September 15th, 2014

By Marianne Burkett

I have many clients who also happen to be programming consultants… and the times, they are a changing. Now that MusicMaster is thoroughly saturating the Music Scheduling world – many consultants want to know what the advantages are and what are the differences between MusicMaster and the other Music schedulers on the market.

Just a few examples of major advantages of working with MusicMaster as a consultant:

  1. Advanced, easy to use analysis tools

When a client sends me data to review, I immediately launch Turnover Analysis. MusicMaster’s Turnover Analysis tool allows a one click view of what is happening with category turnovers and a quick view of projected turnovers from hour to hour, day to day or play to play.   Turnover analysis has a series of icons available that allow you a deeper look at how many clocks a specific category may be in, but also how many times that category is in that clock. Auto burn settings are also convenient to access within Turnover Analysis and an Autoburn spreadsheet available for those tough to schedule categories.


  1. One click Library Analysis

Wondering why the station seems to sound slow or too poppy? Build a few Category Groups by right clicking on the Infobar and select Category groups. Create a new group based on the categories you’d like to include. Having category grouping abilities allows you to quickly call up any group from your active library, your currents or your gold categories only etc… and look up your library’s percentages of literally anything in the data. Artist percentages, sound code percentages, mood, tempo, gender, sound, titles, etc. Here’s a picture of what a Library Analysis screen looks like:


What you do with the percentages is of course, your own business – but it’s much easier to decide what kind of rules to use to control the codes or artists – when you have accurate information.

There are so many tools at your fingertips in one or two clicks with Musicmaster, it would take me a year to write about it, so you just got my favorite analysis tools today.

The biggest difference between MusicMaster and the competition?

  1. Our software improves with every service release. You, the client – ask for specific features and we work to build the feature. We don’t ask you to give anything up to accommodate our software. Pretty simple: give the customer what they want.
  2. MusicMaster customer service. I hate to toot the horn of the department I work in, but we all have pretty extensive programming backgrounds and have worked with other Music Scheduling systems.   We know this software, we know the competition. We speak your language. We’re problem solvers and we collaborate to find solutions to your challenges. We want you to be #1 in your market and if you look at the markets we’re in, you’ll see a lot of #1’s on our roster.

So, the next time someone asks “which Music Scheduling system would you recommend” – know this… we’d like you to join us in our quest to keep radio alive and flourishing for years to come.