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PRPD Recap posted on September 18th, 2014

Jill Sorenson and Aaron Taylor visited the great city of Portland, Oregon for the annual Public Radio Program Directors (PRPD) Conference at the beginning of September. They had an opportunity to visit with many clients discussing how MusicMaster makes their scheduling a breeze. They still squeezed in time to wander the city block known as Powell’s Bookstore and drool over Voodoo Donuts. Really, click on the link if you’ve never seen a Voodoo doughnut! Kudos to host organization Oregon Public Radio (a MusicMaster user) for their hospitality. We look forward to visiting Pittsburgh where the 2015 conference will be held. Until then, a few photos of our MusicMaster friends:

prpd1 – Schnitzer Theatre
2 – The PRPD opened with the March Forth Marching Band
3 – Rik Malone (KFDC), Aaron Taylor, Bill Lueth (KUSC and PRPD Board Member)
4 – Aaron Taylor and Cheryl Dring (WDPR)
5 – Matt Abramovitz (WNYC) and Jill Sorenson
6 – Aaron Taylor and Chris Wienk (WMHT)
7 – Suzanne Bona (Sunday Baroque) and Jill Sorenson