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Clock Element Type: Combo posted on March 4th, 2010

By Paul Ziino

A Combo element allows you to select any number of your categories. When MusicMaster starts the auto-schedule process, it will attempt to fill that Combo position with a song from the first category selected in that position, based on the Schedule Properties.

Let’s assume your pass list in Dataset/Schedule/Schedule Properties goes A-B-C-D-E.

Now let’s assume your Combo element is set to choose a song from C, D, and E with a “Step down” criteria set to Unbreakable.

MusicMaster will schedule the A and B category positions—they are in pass 1 and 2 in Schedule Properties. Then MusicMaster will schedule the C category positions. When it comes to this Combo element, MusicMaster will look at the songs in the depth as set in Schedule Properties. If a C works, MusicMaster will schedule it and move on. But if none of those songs pass all the Unbreakable rules, the position will be left unscheduled until the next pass which is category D. MusicMaster will attempt to fill that combo element with a D. If a D from the available depth works, it will be scheduled. If not, then MusicMaster will step down to the E category. Now if an E works in that position, it will be scheduled. But if no E works, the position will be left unscheduled, allowing you to manually fill it in the schedule editor. In this example, the Combo element basically gave MusicMaster three opportunities to fill that position before leaving it unscheduled.

When you want MusicMaster to have more flexibility in auto-scheduling, Combo positions can be a great option.