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A Few Simple Rules posted on April 6th, 2010

by Paul Ziino

If you are a new MusicMaster user starting out with a brand new database, I like to recommend a few simple rules to get things going. Day Offset Window, setting of Days=1 and Hours=1…this will prevent the same song from playing in the same broadcast hour two days in a row. Artist Keyword Time Separation, setting of 1:10…this will prevent the same artist keyword from playing within 70 minutes of itself. If you have a large library with a lot of artist diversity, you can go higher. If you have a very tight library with fewer unique artist keywords, you may want to go lower. Minimum Rest, setting is dependent on category rotation…Minimum Rest is the least amount of time required between spins of the same song within a category. If you run the Rule Wizard (magic wand icon in Rule Tree) you will get suggested minimum rest settings for each category based on the number of items in the category and the number of times you call for that category in your active clock assignment grid. Accept each of those suggestions as a good starting point. For more specific rules and rule tree adjustments, visit our training videos, or contact your Music Scheduling Consultant.