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Library Query Clock Elements posted on November 16th, 2015

By Paul Ziino

MusicMaster version 6.0 is full of brand new features. One of those new items is Library Query clock elements.

I want to schedule a special dance party on Saturday night from 7 to midnight. With a Library Query clock element, this is a breeze.

  • Create a new clock.
  • Use the drop down under Element Type to select Library Query.
    The top half of the window is set up like any other library query in the database. Select the field to be queried in the first box, the operator in the second, and what you’re looking for beneath that. Then click OK to add the query.


  • The lower half of the window is where you select which categories you want to query, and the order in which you want them queried. Click Select and check the categories you want. Click OK, then using the pointer drag the categories into the desired order.
  • If you want the categories to use rules from a specific category, select that option, otherwise allow MusicMaster to use the rules from the category of each song tested.
  • Click OK, complete the clock, save it and assign it accordingly.
  • The next step is to determine where in your pass order you want Library Query Elements to schedule. You can adjust this in Dataset/Schedule/Schedule Properties.
  • When you start the Automatic Scheduler, make sure to check the Library Query Elements item under Schedule Special Elements to cause those Library Query positions to be automatically scheduled.

There are a number of cool things about this.

  • You can use different Library Query elements throughout the clock to query for different things.
  • You can organize the categories in the different positions to vary the preference.
  • You needn’t turn on any rules in the rule tree to make this work, just using the element makes it happen in the clock!
  • If you wish to edit a position scheduled via Library Query, the replacement options will also abide by the query from the clock.

Don’t have version 6.0? Contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant to find out how to get it, or call our home office at (469) 717-0100 to speak with an available sales representative.