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Multiple Layouts for Music/Non-Music Categories posted on December 14th, 2015

By Dave Tyler

Customization has always been the name of the game with MusicMaster and now Version 6 has a feature that sets the bar even higher. When it comes to our library we each have our opinions on what is important for us to view. When it comes to my Music Categories there are a lot of fields that are important to me and that I need to see and be able to readily enter information into. However, when viewing some of my Non-Music categories, for instance PSAs, there are fewer fields I need to view. With Version 6, we can now have default layouts for Music and Non-Music categories without having to switch the view manually every time you go into that category. This feature is a great example of MusicMaster listening to your needs and implementing them into a wonderful feature.

I already have my default view for my library set with the fields I need to see when working with my music but I don’t need to see things like “Artist Keyword” or “Gender” when working in my PSAs. In my example below I am creating a new layout for my PSAs which will also be my layout for my imaging and all Non-Music categories. Using the Show/Hide Fields icon I have selected (by adding/removing) the fields I want to view when in my Non-Music categories.


Once this step is complete you would select OK then click the Save Library Grid Layout icon. You will now have the choice to name this layout. Check the box for Save as a New Design then name the layout here. In my example I am calling it simply PSA. Click Save and you are done here.


In the example below you can see the differences between my Music and My Non-Music layouts.


Now we need to set these as the defaults by going to Tools/Options/Library Layout Defaults. Here is where you set not only your Music and Non-Music layout defaults but at the top you can choose which view (Layout) you will use when looking at your Entire Library (Music and Non-Music at the same time).


Once you have the defaults set to the layouts of your choice click Apply then OK and you are done. These will be the layouts you will see automatically when you open those categories. If ever you want to change the defaults, it is easy to do and now you know exactly how to do it.