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Schedule: Category – A New Feature in MusicMaster 6.0 posted on February 1st, 2016

By Jerry Butler

In previous versions of MusicMaster, if you scheduled your logs out over a few days and then made category changes, you might have wondered why when you looked at the previously scheduled logs it appeared that your categories scheduled didn’t match the order in your clocks. What you were actually seeing was the category that the song is in now, versus the category it was in when it was scheduled.

Schedule Category Blog1

In version 6.0, you can now see what the category the song is in currently as well as the category the song was in when it scheduled for that date. You can access this field by opening up your schedule editor and clicking on your modify editor layout button.

Schedule Category Blog2

Scroll down towards the bottom of the list under Schedule Data, select Schedule: Category and bring it over to the selected fields and click OK.

Schedule Category Blog3

This will allow the Schedule: Category to show up in your editor. Placed side-by-side, you can now see which category a song was in when scheduling as well as what category the song is in now.

Contact your Music Scheduling Consultant with questions about this or any feature in the program.