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Searching Done Your Way posted on March 28th, 2016

By Jesus Rodriguez

In this blog we will touch upon one of my favorite new things about version 6.0 of MusicMaster. If this is the first time you have heard of MusicMaster 6.0 then we need to get you up to speed pronto! You can find out about all of the new enhancements we have made to the MusicMaster you know and love on our website.

One of these enhancements may seem like a small detail but boy it is one of my favorites. This new feature is already making my life easier as a support representative so I am sure that it will make your life easier as well. I am speaking about our new enhanced search engine. In the past you could only assign two items to search by accessing Library, Fields and selecting one as a Primary and another as a Secondary field that would be used in the search. (You can access your search bar using the View from your menu and selecting Search Bar.) The majority of users would use this for searching Artist and Title quickly.

Well get ready because MusicMaster 6.0 has made just about anything in your data searchable in a couple easy steps. First, using your menu bar go to Dataset, Library, and then select Fields. This will open your Database Field Editor similar to the one shown below.


In a couple steps as shown above you can select the field on the name column. To add it to your search bar simply select “Yes” in the Searching section in the right panel. This will put a check mark in the search column letting you know it is now active.

Personally this now saves me a tremendous amount of time when assisting clients that are looking for certain things like duplicate cart numbers, all the songs from an album, or just about anything they want to see right away rather than creating a query each time.

I hope this enhanced search bar has wowed you as much as it did me as we now live in a world of instant gratification. If you are not able to upgrade to MusicMaster 6.0 please contact your assigned representative so they can get you set up with that upgrade!