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The History Graph and Editing a Log posted on May 23rd, 2016

By Dave Tyler

We all work hard at getting our music to sound just right. You created your categories, plotted them in your grid and assigned the Rules to govern them. Although most of the time things are running great we all get unscheduled positions in our clocks. With the release of MusicMaster there is now a new feature you might just love to give you a better visual of what is happening at that position and in that hour.

This new tool works when you are in your Schedule Editor AND have the History Graph in your view and set to either “Daily” or “Weekly Spins”. See the example below for selecting the History Graph so you can see it.


In my example below you can see that I am editing the position where Don Williams is playing and everything is fine with that selection.


Now when I attempt to look in another category for a replacement song by using Direct Entry (also a new feature in 6.0) I choose my A category and the Brandy Clark song. This is obviously a poor choice being that the same song is scheduled just before this position; however look at all of the information available to you on this choice.


The Schedule Editor provides the red flags for Minimum Rest and Artist Keyword in my Results Bar on the bottom as well as my Test Results Toolbar on the right that displays a Gender issue as well. Look at the top in the History Graph. Now you can see that “Star” icon, which is the location of the proposed play plus there is a number (“2”) to show how many times this song is scheduled in this hour. Depending on your screen display, you now have several places where MusicMaster will alert you to the problem.

This is another way that MusicMaster gives you all of the tools you need to program and nurture the sound of your radio station(s)! As always if you ever have a question, do not hesitate to ask one of your Music Scheduling Consultants.