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Airplay Affidavits – Show Your Value with the Help of MusicMaster posted on January 2nd, 2017

By Jerry Butler

Most stations believe they have to run their promos, PSAs or underwriting through traffic to show value to the sponsors or charity.  MusicMaster gives you the ability to run an airplay affidavit and show the value of your airtime.

First, make sure you have fields that are available for the affidavit.  You’ll need a numeric – currency field, and one or two text fields for sponsors.  You may also need a memo field if you would like to show a script.  You can check what fields you have available by clicking, Dataset, Library and Fields.  If the field is red, use the drop down in the box on the right side of the screen to change Hidden from Yes, to No.  Keep in mind, you may need to change the names of the fields if they are not already set for Currency, Sponsor and Co-Sponsor.  You can change both the Name and Abbreviation columns on this screen. Once you have edited the appropriate fields, click OK.  If you don’t find the fields you need, contact your Music Scheduling Consultant to add the field or fields.


Now that your fields are available, you need to make sure all the data is entered into the fields for your promo, PSA or underwriting.  You can see below, under Value we have listed $10.00, Sponsor is Universal and Co-Sponsor is ABC Car Sales.


With the data entered, you can select any of your promos, imaging or songs that are scheduled in MusicMaster to run an airplay affidavit.  Pull up the element in the library maintenance window and select the element, right click and select print and print current song.  In the pop up window, select Airplay Affidavit from the drop down menu.


Under report options, match the names of your fields to the names listed by opening the drop down menu to the right of each item.


Select the correct time period including dates and times you want the affidavit to pull from.  Click print and you will have your affidavit ready to sign and deliver to the client.


If you have any questions, contact your Music Scheduling Consultant for assistance.