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Analyze Your Schedule posted on December 5th, 2016

By Paul Ziino

There is so much you can do with Instant Analysis.  Here are a couple ideas.

Curious how much slow music you’re scheduling?  Or how many rock tunes?  You can see this all broken down by hour, day, or custom time period.  Here’s how to set it up.

In the Schedule Editor, click the Schedule Analysis icon, then the Instant Analysis tab.


Click the Add button.  On the Statistics Editor screen you indicate the time period (current hour, current day, or any available custom time period).

The Target is what you wish to analyze.  For this example, we’re looking at Ballads and we’re testing only Music.

Against is what you’re comparing.  Do you want to know the total as compared to the total elements in the log, only song elements, or only scheduled song elements?  We’ll pick Scheduled Songs, and we only want to count the music songs.  I like to see the Count/Total which tells us how many ballads and what percent of the log that equals.  We can label this and set low and high thresholds as desired.


Click OK and close the Schedule Analysis window.  Now click the Toggle Toolbars icon, select the Toolbars tab and check Instant Analysis.


That tells us that 15 of the 340 music elements scheduled in the log for February 10th are coded as Ballads, which equals 4.41% of the music.

You can use the same process to check for tempo, gender, Canadian content, or any other attribute.

I’m interested to see what the average Mood is by hour.  I go back to the Schedule Analysis button, the Instant Analysis tab, and click Add.  This time I set my Target as Mood: Value, testing only against Music, and I wish to display the Average Value.  I choose to do this for the current hour—the display will update as I move my cursor from one hour to the next.


So for 6/9/2015 I have 24 ballads throughout the day, and the 1pm hour has an average mood of 5.67 (on a nine-point scale).

Along the same lines as the average mood, I can also display average year—assuming year is set up in the database in a numeric field.


Need assistance setting up your Instant Analysis?  Contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant today!