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Quick method to print your active clocks in MusicMaster Windows posted on April 15th, 2010

Looking for a simple way to print all of your currently active clocks in MusicMaster Windows? Go to DATASET-CLOCKS-FORMAT CLOCKS, or click on the clock icon on your tool bar. No need to click the check boxes, or refer to the assignment grid to create your print job. Just click on the SELECT rectangle on the right hand side, and then ASSIGNED CLOCKS-Grid: (Name of the Currently Active Grid)…You’ll then be returned to the FORMAT CLOCK MAINTENANCE list, where you’ll note that all the clocks that are active on the grid you chose are checked. Then, select the PRINT rectangle on the right hand side, and you’ll be presented with the FORMAT CLOCK PRINTING OPTIONS box, where you can decide what you would like to include/exclude from the print job, and in addition to printed versions of the linear clocks, if you’d also like to have each of them print in a “hot clock” type fashion. Next select the CONTINUE rectangular choice box, your selected printer choice, and then finally the OK box. Done!