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MusicMaster For DJ Gigs posted on April 10th, 2017

By Jesus Rodriguez

As you probably already know MusicMaster is the most customizable scheduling software in the industry. Whether it’s a particular layout design, specific additional fields, print designs, multi user personalization, you name it!

In this blog I’d like you to think out side the box and about how else you can use MusicMaster in your everyday life whether it’s for your day-to-day work or other things.

You may not know but during my down time I take part in a series of mix shows that range in a variety of formats from CHR, Country, Urban, Rock/Alternative, Latin, Classic Rock, and more. Trying to keep an inventory check of all of my music and music videos by simply searching my hard drive of over 25 years of doing this can be a nightmare especially when I need to find specific items that fit specific stations or events. Shown below you see a screen shot of some of my music inventory. I used a yes/no field that allows me to select the items I think would be good for a bar/club, live gig, etc. I took it a step further to keep track if I have the music video for the song because yup you guessed I love mixing music videos to be more interactive at my gigs. You also use an attribute field to do the same thing.

If I get a call from a venue, event, or even a station that wants me do mixes for them I can ask them a simple question. What is your vision for the mix show/event music? No matter how they respond, I can quickly filter through my library to find that specific kind of music or videos for a gig by using the sound codes for the genres, if I have remixes available, tempo, moods, etc. This is so convenient when the call comes in that a station or event wants the mix to be up-tempo, CHR, EDM remixes, with some 80’s, and top 5 urban tracks, etc. If this were a live venue scenario I can take it a step further to filter that with the items that have a video available.

Faster than I can respond to book myself I already have my filtered library to either use as a reference when searching through my hard drive for what I need or have on me just in case I go blank at the gig. The more details I put on my songs the more I can filter. As an open format DJ involved with all kinds of stations and venues, this is so much easier than spending hours or days prepping through my hard drive song by song.

You can do this in all versions of MusicMaster. Even if you’re a DJ on a budget, you can do the same thing I am with our MusicMaster PE, Personal Edition product. It’s designed for just this type of use. You can go to and purchase a copy right now. Think outside the box and let MusicMaster schedule your DJ show or even your next dinner party!