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Using Rules to Match Liners to Music posted on August 14th, 2017

By Marianne Burkett

I’ve been seeing a lot of databases lately using Special Sets in the clocks to match up liners to intro times of their music. While there is nothing wrong with using the Special Set clock element to do this, there is a way to do this without adjusting the clocks.

Using an “attribute multiple” field in MusicMaster makes this a slick, but simple method.

First, go to Dataset/Library/Fields. If you have an available “Attribute Multiple” field that is Tested in the rules… rename it to whatever name you want. In the example below, I’m calling mine Intro Match.

Now that we have a field to work with, go to Dataset/Library/Attributes.

We’re going to create just a few codes. One for 00-02 second intros where you would play a fully produced liner. Another for a Quick liner, Short Liner and Long Liner.

So far, it’s taken maybe three minutes to put this together.

Now, get to work coding your Liners and Music with the applicable codes in the IntroMatch field. You can sort by intro time and make quick work of it, or use Queries to isolate intro times and then use the mass changer.

But, once you’re done coding, there’s just one more thing to do.

Open your rule tree.

Go to your Liner Category and go to Available Rule Types – Attribute/Intromatch and drag in the IntroMatch Segue Protection Box.

You want to make sure you are testing forward. The song schedules and the liner that comes before it will just look at the song intro ahead. Really, the only thing you don’t want happening here is a long dry liner playing over a short intro, so put the X in each box where those codes intersect. I’m allowing Produced liners to go into everything, I’m allowing short and quick liners to go over the longer intros as well.

That’s it. Easy as pie and no work in the clocks.

If you have any questions, contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant.