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Being the “New Guy” posted on February 8th, 2018

By Brian Wheeler

It’s an odd experience to write a blog as ‘the new guy’.  It’s not a bad place to be, being the new guy. I usually enjoy learning new things, and I consider myself a perpetual student in life. Returning to work for MusicMaster is definitely an education, especially since so much has changed from when I departed in 2003!

The changes were evident. The team had grown. The software is rich with features and modifications and has changed with the times and the needs of our users. Of course, I’d seen some of the new features while I was using MusicMaster myself, but you see the software differently when you are a Music Scheduling Consultant. You see the depth and breadth of the program. You begin to appreciate the magnitude of the tool at your fingertips. You also get an insider’s view of MusicMaster’s secret weapon:  The people.

Not just the people who work here, although that is a big part of the equation. The management, the developers, the programming team, right down to the front-line folks who work with MusicMaster users around the world…the passion for our industry and to be the best runs deep here. It’s an excellent and rewarding culture. But it’s the folks who use the software that impress me the most. Many of them have been using MusicMaster for decades. Some have come from using other scheduling software and have since made MusicMaster their own with their personal touches and modifications. New users dive in and are quick to learn the ins and outs of MusicMaster, and their infectious curiosity is energizing. It’s a testimony to the vibrancy of the industry and the desire to make great programming.

I love the stories, too. In the last three months, I’ve heard some fascinating stories from programmers all over the continent. The unsolicited testimonials floor me. Imagine how humbling it is to be on the other end of the phone when a MusicMaster user says he used “X” software for 20 years, but how he loves how much easier and better MusicMaster achieves his goals? The stories are inspiring, to say the least.

What’s your MusicMaster story? We look forward to hearing it.