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Cloning Clocks and Grids posted on February 19th, 2018

By Paul Ziino

You’ve cloned your database and want to get busy working on a bunch of new clocks.  The structure of the clocks will remain, but with new element types and some cool new features.  Is there a way to clone all my active clocks?

Go to Dataset/Clocks/Assignment Grids.  Highlight the grid you wish to clone then click the Copy button.  Now you’ll be able to give this new grid a unique description as well as make copies of all the clocks.  You can also tell MusicMaster with what character you want those clock copies to begin.

Click OK and you’ll have an exact copy of each clock from the original grid, now assigned to that cloned grid.  To edit the clocks, open the new assignment grid, then double-click on the clocks within to make your changes.  Don’t forget to save the changes after you’ve completed your new clocks!