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Genius Days: It’s More Than A Free Lunch posted on April 16th, 2018

By Jesus Rodriguez

Have you heard about our Genius Days yet? If you haven’t you need to visit our site to find out when we’ll be in your region hosting one. You can visit our Genius Day page to find out where we’ll be next as it is continuously updated.

So what is a Genius Day? It is a full day of learning about MusicMaster where we go over the entire software from the Scheduler, Library, Rules, and everything in between. I have the pleasure of hosting some of these as the instructor, and I love the Oh Wow moments we get from the clients.

It is a great day to learn and even network with other MusicMaster clients. Come on let’s face it our industry is known to be a cutthroat business. Why not sharpen up your skills and network with other programmers as well. Even I get to learn from our clients with new ways that they are using MusicMaster and so can you. The open dialogue among a room of so many passionate people like you will help you see things in a way you may not have before.

I am a Genius Days alum. I went to one years ago after being promoted to Assistant Music Director. I decided to invest in myself and go to a Genius Day hosted by Joe Knapp because I wanted to get to know more about what I was going to be doing. It was the best investment I ever made in my career. I went from scheduling my shift to scheduling a top five show. That led me to take the entire station from the high twenty rankings in our market to top 10. I was then asked to implement what I learned on our sister stations where I was able to direct music logs for eight stations; six in top 10 markets taking a few to top five in their markets and a couple to number one.

Who would of thought I would of ended up here hosting these around the country. The student has become the… Well, I am not quite a master but we will do our best to make you a MusicMaster Genius. If your employer doesn’t have a budget to get you to a Genius Day, do it for yourself and I promise that you too will get as much as others have already done. There is no charge for the actual Genius Day session so finding one close to you might mean little, if any, cost to you. You’ll come away with tips to make you a better MusicMaster user and we even provide a free lunch! Check out this video of what these MusicMaster Genius’ got out of the session.