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Cloning Your Data posted on June 11th, 2018

By Paul Ziino

You’ve been working hard.  You’re thinking about your radio station all the time.  You’re at dinner with friends, and you’re silently chewing on ideas for some new clocks.  Instead of singing in the shower, you’re thinking about getting your imaging and music to sing together.  At the movies, you’re not paying attention to the plot, instead you’re thinking about the pay raise you’ll get when your improved ratings come out after you implement all the changes you have in mind.

But there’s a problem.  How do you get all those changes in place without screwing up what’s already on the air?  The solution is to clone your database.  This way you can make all those changes you’re thinking about, try them out off the air, and when you have it just right, switch to the clone!

It’s really very easy to clone your database in MusicMaster Pro.  If you’re already in your data, go to File and Close Dataset.  Now click File/Open Dataset, select the database you want to make a duplicate of and click “Clone.”  You’ll be allowed to give the clone a new name at this point—maybe something like “Clone of Wxyz.”

When it’s all done, you have an exact duplicate of your database.  That means the export design is still there, and your definition files will still work.  Your library and clocks are all the same.  Your layouts are just as you’re accustomed.  Even your username and password are the same.

Now, get to work!