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New Station Library In 30 Seconds! posted on September 10th, 2018

By Jesus Rodriguez

Lately, I have received calls from clients ready to launch a new station. Some may be simple tweaks from a current database in-house or inherited from a sister market. Then there are others that are starting a station from scratch using a blank database. What if I told you that there are two ways to get your data ready within 30 seconds?

My first option for you would be to clone your database by going to File and Open Dataset. There you will see your clone button so that you can make an exact copy of your database. It is much easier to delete the items that you don’t need like unnecessary clocks or rules than trying to build an empire from scratch.

Once you have done that there is another way to get your database up to date.  It happens to be my second option of how to get a database started within 30 seconds if you are going to start a database from scratch.

I would suggest using our library sync option. This feature allows you to bring in the song metadata into your library from your automation system so you are only doing the data entry once.  I would always suggest importing your audio into your automation system first, and hopefully, your files are correctly tagged with the metadata to minimize any adjustments.  Once it is in your automation system, I would recommend you locate a file that most systems create that consist of your full inventory list of the items you have in it. You can then use our library sync feature to import that information from your automation system.  The best part is that it can bring in all audio music and imaging as well as anything else you may have like voice tracks or promos.

We have the necessary file set up for most major automation systems.  We also have blogs on how to create the necessary file to make this import happen.  Either way, feel free to contact your MusicMaster support representative for any assistance you may need.