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Deleting Old Clocks posted on April 21st, 2010

By Drew Bennett

When you abandon old clocks for new ones, a lot of times the old clocks get left in the database and never used again. If you’re into Spring cleaning your database and you want to get rid of some old clocks, there is a quick way to delete anything that isn’t assigned to an Assignment Grid. First, choose the main Clock icon or choose Dataset, Clocks, Format Clock Maintenance. When the Format Clock Maintenance screen pops up, choose the Select button on the right hand side of the screen. You will see another menu appear and this time you’ll choose Assigned Clocks and then Assigned to Any Clock Grid. This puts a check mark next to any clock that appears in an Assignment Grid in your database. Now, choose the Select button again and this time, choose Invert Selection. This swaps the check marks on your assigned clocks and marks clocks that aren’t assigned to any grid at all. Now, you can run through the list, un-checking anything you want to save. When you’re done, choose the Delete button and delete the clocks you have checked. Now, you’ve deleted any clock you don’t use or any clock you don’t want to keep. That can really slim down a database.