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Find “Similar Attributes” tool …what’s that? posted on December 31st, 2018

By Marianne Burkett

MusicMaster has always had a find “matching” values feature in Library Maintenance where you put your cursor on any field and click the magnifying glass with the “=” icon and songs with the same value would pop up.  In Version 7, we’ve gone a step further.  Right next to this icon is a magnifying glass with a “squiggly” equal sign – Find Similar Values.

You can pick and choose which fields to use for this feature.  Any one, or multiple attribute fields.

Open your Field Editor… (Dataset/Library/Fields).

You’ll see the “Attribute Fields” under the column “Type”.  Note the header “Similar”.  In the sample above, I have Energy, Mood, Role, Sound and Type checked.  Anytime you make changes in the Field Editor, be sure to click “OK” to save your changes.

Now go back to Library maintenance and click on the magnifying glass with the squiggly equal sign icon.  You will initially see “All Matches”.  Now, look at the bottom of the screen.  You have DESIGN, SAVE LIST and CLOSE.  Design allows you to choose the attribute fields you’d like to see in the display.  Save List is just that.  Click that and you’ll have a new Song List to utilize.

Use the Drag down options at the top and you’ll see a few more selections:

In the sample below, I’m showing the Top 20 Matches.  You’ll notice too from here you can Save List – which may come in handy when trying to come up with a Theme type weekend or music you may want to include in some kind of specialty show.

There is also a “Match Exactness” option that will come up with a list of EXACT matches in a sliding scale from 0 to 10 or, least to most exact.  In the sample below the songs shown are the only songs in this library that match the attribute fields with complete accuracy when I have the slider to the far right.

I hope this feature will help you build the kind of Song Lists that make it easy for you to schedule your specialty shows!  If you have any questions about this Version 7 feature, please contact your support person.

Happy Scheduling!