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Clocks: Quick Entry posted on March 25th, 2019

By Paul Ziino

MusicMaster Version 7 offers a new way to edit clocks.  Introducing Quick Entry!

Open a clock or create a new one, then click the wrench icon.  Here you have two columns of options: Show/Hide Elements and Show/Hide Columns.  If you don’t want to view specific element types you can un-check them.  For this exercise we’re going to add a check to Quick Entry under the Show/Hide Columns.  If you want to keep these settings, check the box to Save as Default Settings.

Each element type has a keyboard shortcut associated with it now.  You can enter that shortcut in the QuickEntry column of your clock editor.

The most commonly used element type is a Fixed position.  The shortcut for this is to type a capital C plus the code of the category you want in that position.  For example, a fixed category COR position would require you type CCOR in the QuickEntry column.

To enter a Lognote, type an L in the QuickEntry column then press the Tab button to move your cursor into the Details column where you can type in the lognote syntax.

If you wish to create a Traffic Merge position, type the letter T followed by the start minute, hyphen, end minute like T 15-20 to create a Traffic Merge from 15:00-20:00.

To see the full list of keyboard shortcuts for clock editing turn on the Info Bar (View/Info Bar), then click the clock icon at the bottom of the Info Bar, then select the Elements bar.  When you hover on any element type its shortcut will appear in the balloon.

You can also drag an element type from that list and drop it into the clock—just like you can drag a category from a category and drop it into a clock to create a fixed position for that category.

There are lots of new features in MusicMaster Version 7.  Contact your MusicMaster Scheduling Consultant to learn more!