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Need Training? MusicMaster Can Help You Out posted on July 29th, 2019

By Jerry Butler

Talking with programmers daily and attending numerous MusicMaster Genius Days, I often find that programmers would like additional training, but don’t know that it is available. MusicMaster offers FREE online training with your MusicMaster subscription. If you are looking for MusicMaster 101 training for a new employee, new student team for your college station, or you want more advanced training for a seasoned vet, we can help you out. Our Music Scheduling Consultants can login and use your stations database for training, so everything looks familiar to your team. Contact your Music Scheduling Consultant today to schedule your MusicMaster training.

In addition, you can review hundreds of videos and blogs by clicking on the learn tab on our website. Check out blogs, short-form and long-form videos for the topics of your choice.

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And don’t forget the Help feature in your MusicMaster software. Click Help and search for the topics that you have questions about. A screenshot of a social media post Description automatically generated

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