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Legacy Buttons posted on August 12th, 2019

By Dave Tyler

Some people just like things the way they like them and don’t want them to ever change. I am one of them. I remember kicking and screaming my way into digital audio editing when our last reel-to-reel machine was on its last leg and then doing it again when we went from SAW to CoolEdit Pro! I am one of those who would still use Windows XP if I could!

MusicMaster 7.0 is our latest and by far greatest version of MusicMaster. It is powerful, robust and cutting edge. Simply put there is no other product in its class. Over the years MusicMaster users would upgrade and hit the ground running because the Icons and Buttons remained mostly the same. However with the release of 7.0 those icons got a lot slicker. After all when you move from an automobile to a rocket ship you expect a little more flash right? I do! But again as someone who shuns change, I loved my old icons. No worries my friend our Development Team feels your pain and if you are ready to move to 7 but love your old buttons, you can still have them! Just go to Tools/Options/Theme-Display Options and choose “Previous Style” (pic below). Click Apply then OK and voila’ you are back to being old school! Also be sure to check out the other various and cool themes there too. You can also read about our new themes in this blog article.

As always, contact your Music Scheduling Consultant if you have any questions.