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MusicMaster 7.0.7 Now Available posted on September 10th, 2019

The latest service release for MusicMaster PRO is now available.  You’ll find 7.0.7 available in Help, Check for Updates.  Here are just a few of the new things you’ll have available:

Filter elements in your clocks based upon category type and element type, which means you can just hide elements that schedule songs from non-music categories.

Date, Length and Numeric fields will now show the minimum, average and maximum values when using Library Analysis.

Import from Network now allows you specify a list of categories that will be unscheduled and replaced during the import.

Classical users will certainly be among the biggest fans of the update in the Packet Editor.  You’ll now be able to show three user fields along with the current defaults.

You’ll now be able to limit your Category Moves Report to a certain date range.

Internationally, we’ve updated the CRTC Airplay Log Special History report and continue to update the Help system the French and Spanish languages.