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Create a Safe List the Quick Way posted on March 9th, 2020

Create A Safe List The Quick Way

By: Chris Malone

Certain formats such as Urban, Urban AC, CHR and Rhythmic CHR are known to do mix-shows. As many programmers know, it’s not a wise idea to turn your station over to a mix DJ for 30 minutes or an hour and let them execute free form without some sort of guidance.

Here’s a way to get your mixers a safe list using a Quick Print of songs that you approve based on several different criteria.

Here’s how:

Click Library from the drop-down menu, then Query the Library and select New Query.

You’ll then get a Library Query window and here you can set up your criteria.

Perhaps you use research scores in your database and only want scores at a certain percentage or higher to be in mix shows. You’d create a search filter to generate those specific songs. In the above example, we’re doing a Michael Jackson mix show. I only want my mixers to play songs from our library and certain power categories. I’ve created a search filter for Artist Keywords contains Michael Jackson. You can use any combination of criteria your database allows.

When you click OK, MusicMaster will open up the library of all of the songs that match your search using only the categories you want. You can sort this list any way you want by pressing the column title (this example is sorted by Category)

You will likely also need to hide columns in this view as well (for example – Cart Number, Sound Codes, Gender, Test Scores are not as important to your mixers). Right click on each unwanted field and hide column on each of those you want to remove from the report. The report above includes Category, Artist, Title, and Runtime. If this is a layout you can use for other purposes, click the Save Library Layout icon on the toolbar giving the layout an appropriate name.

Lastly, press the Quick Print icon (the printer with a lightning bolt) – it will create a PDF that you can save and distribute to your team.

Good luck with your safe list! If you have any questions, please contact your Music Scheduling Consultant.