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Hour Position Kick posted on September 21st, 2020

Hour Position Kick

By Marianne Burkett

If you are a longtime user of MusicMaster Pro, you know we constantly make changes, adjustments and additions to the software. With version 7.0.10, there are two new rules available, by request!

  1. Hour Rotation Position Kick
  2. Keyword Rotation Position Kick

Let’s look at Hour Rotation Position Kick.

Open the Rule Tree and find this new rule inside the Song/History Rules/Hour Rotation Rules folder.

In the clocks, you might have a category in multiple locations within each hour. This type of category is a perfect candidate for the rule. I would not recommend placing the rule in the “All Categories” area as all your categories likely rotate differently.

When you pull the Hour Rotation Position Kick rule into a category, the Rule Properties box will open where you can set up your custom options:

The first option is “Window size”. I put 16 minutes in the box, which would stop the title from playing eight minutes either side of that the next time it plays within the “Max Hours” of 10.

In a nutshell the rule essentially will stop a song from playing in the same spot within any hour for the number of hours specified in the “Max Hours” window.

Also, if you don’t want to test plays ahead in time from the current play, do not check the “Test Previous Plays only” Button.

The second new rule, Keyword Hour Rotation Position Kick, can be found in Available Rule Types in the Keyword Field Rules folder.

Be careful with this rule, especially if you have a great number of the same artists in a category. I have set this up in a Power category that plays multiple times an hour.

This rule will keep the same Keyword from playing in the same window of time within the Max Hours limit. Remember, the Window size in this example would be 7.5 minutes either side and would span a three-hour window.

Other rules you might consider along with Hour Position Kick or Keyword Hour Position Kick would be Optimum Quarter hour Exposure and Optimum Keyword Quarter Hour Exposure.

If you have questions about these, or any other rules, please contact MusicMaster Support.