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Daylight Saving Time posted on October 29th, 2020

MusicMaster for Windows was designed to inherit Daylight Saving Time settings directly from Microsoft Windows. You can check your system in a couple of places:

The Schedule Calendar in PRO 7 has an icon for a clock with a back arrow on November 1 this year. You can also go to Help, System Information in any version and it will also tell you the Sunday when this will be done.

MusicMaster will automatically double the scheduled clock. A lognote will be put between the two hours to indicate the extra hour. You can set up a Format List specifically for this time if you’d like. That is done under Tools, Options, Additional Properties in the Schedule section. Look for the DSTFormatList option where you’ll specify the list you want used.

Keep in mind that MusicMaster can generate this 25-hour log and has always handled Daylight Saving Time this way, so rest assured that most automation systems can handle this. Please feel free to check with your automation vendor to be sure.

Feel free to contact your Music Scheduling Consultant if you have any questions.